Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Is This Agency a Scam?

Another frequent topic in the questions I get is about agencies being legit or scams. So here are some differences.

Legit agencies do not sell photo shoots or acting classes.

Legit agencies do not recruit actors. They have plenty of actors and are choosy about picking new ones to represent.

Legit agencies may want you to join casting web sites of their choosing.

Legit agencies will want you to get new professional photos and pay for comp cards or other items they have printed and distribute on your behalf.

Legit agencies will be franchised by SAG, AFTRA or EQUITY and /or be members of ATA.*

Scams recruit in malls.

Scams almost always are selling acting lessons and are not real talent agencies.

Scams will promise you success. In truth no one can honesty make such a promise.

Scams run radio ads for "Disney" auditions that do not exist.

It is a mistake of a beginning actor to think they need an agent. Beginners need lots of acting experience and some sound training. It is only why there is evidence that they may be able to get professinal work that they should seek an agent.

Agents do not make people into actors. They make money from people who are already actors.

Always contact me and ask if you are unsure about the legitimacy of an agency.

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