Friday, March 28, 2014

Hints for success

Aspiring actors are always eager to know what the secret is for becoming a successful actor. There is not just one thing  that an actor can be or do that will make him a success. There are lots of factors that individually or incombination with other factors that can make an actor a success in the profession.  These factors are not always what the aspiring actor assumes them to be.

One thing that aspring actos often believe is a factor to becoming a successful movie actor is to be in LA.  In fact, being in LA might be more of a hinderance to one's career than helpful for it.
Aspiring actors have no idea what the competition is like in LA. There are not just a few very talented actors there. There are thousands and thousands of them.  Acting classes in LA a filled with extrenely talented actors.  Some one who is new to LA has to be prepared to compete with them. Such preparation includes being equally talented and experience  as actors as the LA actors are. It means that the new to LA actor also has to be at least SAG/AFTRA eligible or better yet be a memeber.  Anothe thing the aspiring actor has to compete with is the  physical attributes of the LA actors.  LA actors are extraordinarily handsome, well built as well as extraordinarily talented.  If the aspirant looks like anybody you might meet on the street, they will get lost in the sea of attractive LA actors.  But there is one thing the aspirant can do to get noticed.

I have more and more become convinced that one key to success is to be unique in your physical appearance or in your voice, or in your abilities.  When we remember the great stars of all time, we remember that they had  unique qualities.  Bogart and Cagney, Widmark and Palance had special looks and special voices that we have heard imitated many times.  So did John Wayne and Bette Davis, Joan Caufield and Jimmy Stewart. The list goes on and on. A unique physical attribute or vocal timbre set these actors apart and helped to make them stars.  An actor aspiring to great success needs to develop such a unique quality in order to get noticed in LA.

Then, there is the matter of experience.  An aspiring actor cannot assume that being in a couple of college plays will qualify them for professional work.  It is important to created an impressive resume of the acting they have done to begin to match the experience of LA actors. I firmly believe that much of such experience should be on the stage.  Too many aspirants want to become film actors and ignore stage acting. They are making a big error. A professional actor is comfortable and equally effective on stage as before the camera.

Finally, there is training.  Too many actors ignore voice training.  A strong, flexible voice is a great asset.  Actors need to know the basics of acting in all media as well.  Film acting classes are sometime good sources of that information. Actors need to know how to audition, how to do cold readings, and how to navigate the profession. There are many schools that offer such training.

LA can be advantageous IF the actor is prepared. Some of the secrets of success are above. There are many more.  Be well prepared.  Make sure your preparation will help you in any circumstance.  Best wishes and God bless, Doc  

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