Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Why Didn't I Get That Part?

One of the most  frustrating experiences for an actor is to know that he or she has read best for a role and yet was not cast.  This is a common experience that every actor will have, so I thought I would address it briefly here.

The one thing an actor has to keep in mind is that the casting director or whoever will be making the casting decision is not the actor and has his or her own concept of what the character is like physically, emotionally and intellectually.  Thus, the casting    people's decision is made on a completely different set of principles that those that the actor has created for the character. Actors do not get parts for a great number of reasons.

One reason an actor did not get a part was that he was too handsome for the role!  He could also be too tall, too short, too thin, too fat, have the wrong hair style, wrong hair color, wrong posture, wrong dialect, and on and on and on.  Sometimes the role has already been cast and they are just waiting for that actor to clear his schedule. There are so many reasons that it is hopeless to try to figure it out.

The actor should not worry so much about why he didn't get the role.  If he is auditioning well, eventually he will get a role, but he must fit the casting people's concept of the part. But please make sure that your evaluations of how you are doing are made by a mentor or acting teacher that you trust.  Like casting decisions, the actor is not in position to make those calls.

PS. I know I have been erratic about posting new material. Today is my 77th birthday, and I have slowed quite a bit since I stated this blog.  I hope there will be many more posts in the future. Doc

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