Friday, August 28, 2009

First, it is a buisness.

Well, again this morning, I got a few of those emails from people with no experience who have decided that they want to be actors. They are of all ages from preteen to thirty something and beyond. None of them seem to have any idea that professional acting is first and foremost a business. You know, show business?
You don't start a business without something to sell and a plan to market it. Acting is no different than any other business, except the market is 'way over staturated. It takes financial investment, tools and equipment and preparation to succeed. Most of those who write me seem to think it is a magic land where all one has to do is show up at an audition (if they can find one) and say, "Here I am, you lucky people." But, of course, it doesn't work that way. Begining actors, the ones who have all the financial backing, tools, equipment and preparation, mostly will be auditioning, along with a great many other actors, for very small roles in professional films. Being a business, the producers have cast all the major roles with actors who will help them make money with the film. They aren't about to risk the millions it takes to make a movie on inexperienced beginners. It's a business. Broadway works quite the same way. A few small roles or chorus spots may be open to beginners. Of course there are exceptions, but the thing to remember is that you are not the person who is the exception, nor are you likely to be. If you are to succeed as a professional actor, you are going to have to work at the business for many many years first. The business. Those who are unaware of that, dream of being artists working in a nobel craft to better the world. Yeah, right! Sorry, Charlie, but you can become an artist later, once you are an actor. It is becoming an actor that is so difficult. Most people fail at it because they do not know it is a business and do not approach it as one. That is the real secret of success in acting. Not talent,nor training, but being a smart business person. So find out how the business works and how one can get into it as described in my free ebook, The Tao of Acting, available by writing me at

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