Sunday, December 26, 2010

I want to be an actor but only for films

This is the latest nonsense I keep running into in questions about acting. Youngsters are so passionate about acting that they cry about not being an actor, but they only want to be in major films, no TV or stage acting. Of course, if it makes any difference what the medium is for their acting, such people are not really serious about acting. Almost all professional actors in films (and most TV is filmed or taped (same thing)), started acting in their high school plays and/or their college plays, and/or in community theatre. If someone really wants to be an actor, all they have to do is audition for an amateur play and if they have any ability they will get to do some acting. After being in a few plays, they will get an idea of the scope of their talent and can make a more reasonable decision about trying to become a professional as opposed to not having any idea if they can really act or not. Most of these film only dreamers also have no idea what acting in film is all about. All they see is the romance and excitement of what is shown on the screen. But that is not what the actor does all day. Film actors have to be up before dawn and report to costumes and make up very early, then they spend most of the day waiting for the crews to be ready for them. Then they get to act the short scene that is being filmed, perhaps doing it over and over again to get it right and cover all the angles. Then they wait for the next little scene, and so on, working often until after dark. Nothing glam about the daily grind of acting in a film. And then, of course, most actors spend most of their days looking for work and support themselves with jobs that are low paying and tedious. Going into acting for any other reason than you have to be an actor is going for the wrong reason. It is probably the most difficult way on Earth to try to make money or achieve fame. So unless you just have to act and you don't care whether it is on stage, on TV, in a commercial, or in a film, you don't really want to be a professional actor.


  1. hello, i would just like to say one thing.

    im a young asspiring actor wanting to fullfil my dreams. but what you just wrote there really hurt me.

    I dont think you understand that children, even adults have dreams they wish too succeed and what you just wrote there could really hurt them.

    theres a saying in life accomplish your goals,
    now i dont think its possible to do that if you think negativly like you.

    'you dont really want to be a professional actor"

    anybody! can be what they want, when they want as long as they never give up trying.
    I have been doing acting for a few years now,
    and i do know that acting is one of the hardest jobs to become *famous from*
    But if you think about it.
    how did everyone famous, BECOME FAMOUS?

    yes some had rich parents, and somes parents were born actors aswell, but thats not what it was like for everyone?

    You should be giving positive advice!
    not negative, no body would get anywere in life if people told them there was no point even trying casue they wouldnt get there.

    Becomming an actor is like playing a game,
    eaither you win or loose,
    its your choice.
    But you cant get upset in the end.
    along the way, you have to think positive.
    You may go to a million castings.
    and only ever get 1!

    if you have a dream, dont stop dreaming it,even if someone tells you, you cant make it.

    Im very sorry but i didnt like your post one bit.
    i dont care how long you have been in the industry but you certainly dont have a positive thought towards other peoples dreams.

    anybody can achieve anything.

    oh and this is comming from a 14 year old girl from australia, that will become and actress. and nothing that you or anyone will say will stop me.

  2. Interesting,and mmiln14:I am like you,young and striving to be an actress.Don't let anyone say you can't do it!I'm in the US,by the way :)

  3. @ mmiln14, you really display the attitude of an amateur actor. There is a difference between being negative and being practical and Kenneth was being extraordinarily practical by stating that in the acting business, one simply DOES NOT HAVE A CHOICE of ideal roles. If you want to act, you must find a way to do it however you can. You are just deluding yourself if you think "dreams" will eventually get anywhere. There are hundreds of actors who are beaten down to the core after years of getting little or no work, nomatter how talented they are. No, it's not about being cynical like you think. It's about having a tough skin.