Monday, January 3, 2011

Being Nice and Success

One of the precepts in being a successful actor is to never make an enemy. I thought I would share a couple of stories with you that illustrate the wisdom of that guideline.

This story was part of someone’s answer on Yahoo Answers and makes a very important point about becoming a successful actor. I forget who posted it, but I was so taken with it that I copied this little story:

"Also always be nice! I had a friend who was rude to a guy by closing the door to the elevator on him on purpose when she was on her way to an audition and he ended up being the casting director!" Can you imagine the embarrassment for this actress when she found out to whom she had been rude. I can almost bet that the casting director was very kind about the whole matter and tried to assure the young woman that everything was fine. I can also bet that she did not give her best audition and that she did not get the role. Indeed, you should always be nice. No one wants to work with unpleasant, rude, selfish or egotistical actors.

The second story concerns one of my advisees in NYC, a young woman trying to break into professional acting. She had had a chance meeting with a famous talent agent on an elevator and he agreed to represent her. He wanted her to get new head shots, as agents usually do when they take on a new talent. He suggested that his secretary take the head shots as she was a photographer and he liked her work. But when the photos were done, the young lady did not like any of them and set about getting other photos from another photographer. Doing this she had to postpone meeting with the agent until the newer photos were ready. When they were and she called the agent's office to reschedule her appointment, the agent's secretary told her that the agent was no longer interested in her and had taken on a different talent. A rare and possibly career-making opportunity was ruined. Never ever let your ego get in the way of going along with your agent and how they operate. And never ever forget that the secretary of any business controls who gets in and who doesn't get in to see the boss.

When you are in show business, you make friends with everyone from the custodian and maid to the producer and director. It is important that you are known throughout the industry as a nice,cooperative person. And in show business, today's lackey is often tomorrow's big shot. Never make an enemy.

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  1. Hahaha,I'm nice.I guess that's a bonus in this case!