Friday, March 25, 2011

I Dare you! (To be serious about acting.)

Most people who are wanting to become professional actors either think they need an agent or they need to go to acting school. Careers do not start with agents, they wind up with agents. No agent is interested in inexperienced and untrained actor. Agents do not make actors out of people; they make money out of people who are actors. And as far as acting school goes, I think someone needs to be very sure they have talent worth investing money in before they put down tuition at an acting school.

I think experience (acting in plays) is more important than trainging (classes). There are lots of reasons for this: you can get experience for free in school and amateur community theatres; and such experience will tell you a lot about you and acting as a career. Then, I have a basic distrust of acting schools so I think they have to be selected carefully. Finally, acting professionally is a business, and you have to be prepared to enter the business with a good product--which is you as an actor, a goodly amount of money to invest in the business, knowledge about how to run the business, etc, etc.

You can find most of the info you need in my free ebook,The Tao of Acting, in my blog, if you read all of it back to its very beginning, and on my web site-- in that order. Since this is true, I use it to test to see if those who contact me are really interested in becoming actors. I tell them to read my book, my blog, and the other information at and ask me lots of questions about it. Usually one of two things happen: I either never hear from them again, or they ask me questions that indicate they have not read these things although they often say they have. But if they read and ask questions and seek to understand what these things have to offer, I know they are serious about becoming an actor.

Well, I have thrown down the gauntlet. Are you going to pick it up and work to become a professional using the knowledge I offer, or are you going to go your merry way not knowing what you are doing.? It is your choice. If you are really interested in succeeding as an actor, I can help—so long as you are willing to help yourself by becoming informed. I look forward to hearing from you. God bless, Doc

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