Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Academy Awards

Award shows for actors and films and everything else have gotten out of hand. It is difficult for someone in a good role in a film not to be nominated for some award or other. The Academy Awards are probably the oldest film achievement awards, but in recent years they have become a platform for political statements or simple popularity contests. They just don't have the meaning for being a real mark of achievement for quality in cinema any longer. They have become what all the award shows for film, TV, stage, music,etc have become, a simple publicity event often of questionable taste, at least so far in what the participants say and do. 

I stopped being excited about them years and years ago. And then when I became a screen actor and when I studied film acting, I realized that it is impossible to tell what makes an actor's performance good in a film. It could be the directing, the editing (mostly that I think), the script, the special effects, and a myriad of other contributing factors.

Mostly the actors don't have to do much. In film most of the work is done for them. Anyway, for one, I am sick of the hoopla over award shows and not at all excited about the Academy Awards, The Golden Globe Awards, The SAG/AFTRA Awards, The People's Choice Awards, etc. etc. etc.

They are all just something that tries to convince, and in most cases does convince, the public that actors and actresses are very special people who live in glamour and spotlights. It is all fake. People who are actors are not much different than other people, except they act. Their everyday lives are not as glamours as the awards shows make them seem.

Worst of all is that these programs make the actors believe they are special and as such are ezperts on poltics.  They may have strong political conviction-even I have that.  But if they happen to also have fame and money, they can parlay that into a public platform for their ideas.  Sad, but true.  And especially sad when they use the award shows for political statements.  Acting used to be an art.  Artists used to be apolitical, because if they became political they became propagandists.  Some artists politics favor propaganda.  Mine favors truth.

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