Thursday, July 19, 2012

How long after an audition will they let you know if you are cast?

There is no set time for notifying those who have auditioned if they have been cast or not.  It varies a great deal from production to production. Some companies have a policy of notifying everyone within a couple of days.  Some companies never notify actors if they have not been cast.

The best thing to do after an audition is to forget about it  and get on with your acting experience and training.  If you don't get it, they will probably not contact you. And if you get a call back, it will be a great surprise and you can go from there.

An actor should never put all his or her eggs in one basket. That is to say that it is foolish to count on getting a part even if your audition went very well and the casting people were enthusiastic about it.
The next actor that walks into the casting session may be exactly what they are looking for and have that one little quality that you lack.  I think it is important for an actor to always be acting in something--even amateur theater.  It is always a positive thing if you can say you have just finished such and such a role, or are currently appearing in such and such a play. That makes you an actor.

The  great struggle every actor has is to keep trying, even in the face of rejection after rejection when in spite of a really good audition, he or she is not cast.  For the beginning actor getting one in every fifteen or twenty parts auditioned for is a high level of success.

By combining your efforts at networking with your agents' efforts to find auditions for you, there is a good chance you will be getting some roles.  But remember, never make too much of an opportunity that you have.  It may well amount to nothing.  That happens a lot in this business of acting--things just fizzle out. 

Always remember that in this business the only thing that counts is what you have finished doing.  What you plan to do or what you have an opportunity to do means nothing.  It is the mark of a seasoned actor to only talk about his accomplishments, not his possibilities.

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