Friday, November 1, 2013

Where did they all go?

I have been cleaning out my email caches, deleting most everything prior to this  year in my Old Mail and Replies Sent caches.  One thing leaped off the pages as I deleted them. Among the hundreds of names of people who have contacted me regarding information about becoming an actor only a small handful are still in contact with me.  This is not because they have hit it big and no longer need me.  You would be hard pressed to find any of their names on the Internet Movie Data Base.

No, they have just disappeared into the passing of time.  I suspect that this is because they have found it so very difficult to get anywhere in the profession of Acting that they have given up.  In fact, a few have written me to say that they were giving up.  Acting is a demanding and difficult mistress or master. It is not a career for the mediocre or dabbler.  To succeed, the aspiring actor must be extraordinarily talented, devoted, etc, etc, etc, (listing the many things needed to succeed).

From  preteens to high schoolers, to college students, to young adults to older adults, the hundreds and hundreds of people who write me and say they would like to be an actor, only those few that I mentioned continue to seek a career. Some were very talented, some very striking in appearance, some charming, some hand many good qualities for actors. But the grueling task of becoming an actor is only for a few.

Jerome Lawrence and Robert E Lee's play CAREER is an excellent telling of   what the  task is like. The old film of the play starring Anthony Franciosa, Carolyn Jones, Dean Martin, et al. was very well done. It is a shame it is very difficult to find as I think it should be shown to prospective actors as part of their training and instruction on the industry.

My friends.  Acting is the most fun, teh most rewarding, the most glorious of experiences. It is also the most frustrating, the most difficult, and the most depressing of experiences.  Should you enter the field, I wish you well and am here to help you.  If you drop out, I forgive you, and don't blame you.  My prayer is that you will be that extra special person that succeeds all the way to the top.  God bless, Doc

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