Saturday, December 21, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy

Whew! These past two months have been a whirlwind of activity. I apologize fro the long break in posts. I hope that these two months have been busy for your career as well,  There is no reason why a good actor is not in a Christmas play of some kind.  Keep building that resume.  And remember that community theatre, even amateur community theatre, is a good source of experience and information.   Networking among cast and crew members of community theatres will send you straight to more auditions and other helpful events like workshops, etc.
Don't neglect them.

Two hints.  1 you have auditioned for a call back and are waiting to hear.   The proper way to handle this is to assume you have not got the part and to audition for something else as soon as possible.  2. "But they really liked me and told be how well I had auditioned and how talented I am."  They tell everyone that;  It is just how the pros operate. They make everyone feel good so there will be nothing but good reports about them.  The old adage is "Never believe your press releases."  Which means that you must take everything in this business with a grain of salt.  People do not lie necessarily, they just try to be encouraging and positive.  But it never means that you have the role

It is important that you keep working as an actor. You must keep acting.  Even though November and December are traditionally slow months for professionals, they are pretty good months for amateurs.  As long as you are not UNION--AEA, you can do amateur plays. And that is so even if your are SAG/AFTRA. At least it was so when I was acting.

Keep acting, keep acting, keep acting.  If you are an actor, that is what you do.  NO EXCUSES, just get out there and find a play or indie to be in.

I wish you the very best for you and your career and I hope Santa brings you your union card, God bless and MERRY CHRISTMAS!


  1. The AEA website says "Equity rules prohibit members from working (with or without pay) for any employer who is not a signatory to an Equity Agreement or Code, unless Equity has given prior written permission."

    SAG/AFTRA says "Does this mean that once I become a SAG-AFTRA member I may not accept ANY non-union performing work to supplement my income?

    Yes it does!

    SAG-AFTRA members cannot accept an acting role in any studio, independent, low-budget, pilot, experimental, non-profit, interactive, educational, student, or ANY production, unless that producer has signed a Contract or Letter of Agreement with SAG-AFTRA.
    In addition, by joining SAG-AFTRA, members also agree to abide by Rule 9, which states that members of one of the Four A performers' unions (SAG, AFTRA, Equity, AGVA, AGMA) will not accept non-union work in another union's jurisdiction.

  2. Hi, Do you ever recommend actors to create their own material? web series? spoofs? one person show? Writing a two person scene and renting a space? Because thats the direction a lot of new actors are going in who are creating their own opportunities. Because personally i did about five shitty indie films and one feature, all horrible (the footage came TWO years later for some of those, with very bad sound). Then i went out and made a really good video of mine that got 100,000 hits on its own. Have you heard of Awkward Black Girl? Have u heard of Patton Oswalt and his letter to comics?