Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I must repeat myself.

Everyday I read about someone who has been scammed. They have taken classes from Powers or Casablancas or they have signed up and paid websites that claim they will get them in the movies or on tv. All these things are only interested in your money. Too many teens and pre teens are trying to become professional actors without ever having acted or without the knowledge and help of their parents. If someone wants to be a professional actor,it would be a good idea to be an amateur one first so as to prove they can act and to offer some proof of how well they can act. And it is quite impossible for a teen to become a professional actor without their parents making it happen for them. Child labor laws require someone to be 18 before they can sign a contract. Parents have to attend auditions and work calls with their minor children. If someone has never done any acting at all or is a teen without the interactive help of their parents, they just ain't gonna be a pro.

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  1. This seems like such basic info. but there does not seem to be many people that even know the basic info. I know from personal experience it is hard to get straight forward information on acting. Good thing your here Doc.