Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Where do I go, how do I get started?

Even those with some experience acting in plays or modeling are unsure about how to move into professional acting. For most actors it is not something that happens all at once. It takes a while, even several years, to get prepared and move into the professional acting circles. Usually a person doesn't have to go anywhere at first. Most actors can start preparing right where they are by being in all the local plays they can. And if there are opportunities to be in indie films and to do extra work, that can help as well because the first thing an actor needs is a resume that documents their talent and their training. The roles one has done documents talent and the professional classes taken at acting studios documents training. But if you are in some acting wasteland, like Minnesota, Main, or Kentucky (there are lots of other states that are not conducive to becoming an actor), when you have exhausted the local opportunities you will have to move to where the action is. Now I don't mean LA or NYC, for while they have the reputation of being the acting centers of the the country, they are really very poor places for the beginning professional actor. Both are in economic turmoil as of the present time (Nov, 2009), and it is very difficult to earn a living there, let alone get an acting job. But there are places where films are being made and where there is lots of theatre to keep one's resume improving. They include, but are not limited to Atlanta, Dallas, San Antonio, and San Diego. So you get started by acting in all the local plays where you are. That's it in a nutshell. Read earlier posts on this blog for additional information about becoming a professional actor. God bless, Doc

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  1. I would never have thought of the cities you mentioned as places for beginning actors to relocate to.