Sunday, November 1, 2009

Is it important to attend a highly regarded acting school?

Here is a topic that I have recently changed my mind about. And I have not yet incorporated my newest thinking into my ebook. But there does seem to be some value in having a 'big name' studio amongst your training on your resume. This is especially true in NYC where snobbishness about several areas of acting still exists. But in the everyday business of casting roles, casting directors are more concerned if you look right for the part and if you can act it well. Any training you may have had is of little consequence. But just to cover the bases, here is what I recommend: while you are building your resume take one class or a summer workshop or some other short course at one of the 'big name' schools. That will get the name on your resume and that is what counts. For example it might mean something to somebody that you attended The Strasberg Institute, but they will not be able to tell by your acting if it is "Method" or not. Effective acting is effective acting and that is the goal. Just watching, no one can tell how you got there.

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