Monday, February 15, 2010

Acting is Reacting

How, in practical terms, does one actually use the principle of reacting? In practical terms it is like putting you hand on a hot stove, you have an immediate reaction to that stimulus. Can you give me a specific instance how I might use that in a scene? As an actor in a scene you allow yourself to be open to all the stimuli of the scene, to receive them and to respond emotionally to them without inhibition. You are Tom in The Glass Menagerie, say, and as Amanda is clearing the dinner table she starts to go on about her 27 gentleman callers memories, as you are being her son and as you have heard the story a million times (the given circumstances of the scene) when it hits you, your automatic response is the irritation and disgust you feel as you say "Here we go again." You don't have to pretend to be irritated or disgusted, nor do you need to remember some time in your life when you were irritated and disgusted. You ARE irritated an disgusted because you are being Tom in this scene. You react, you do not have nor need a planned response.

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