Monday, February 8, 2010

English and acting

This is a topic that is getting more and more prevalent in the questions I receive, at least in my mind it is. The writer of the question wants to be an actor/actress but "don't no wat to do." Frequently, I admonish them that they will be acting in English so they had better get good at it. Most are too young or too undereducated to realize that knowing how to use the English language properly will make acting easier. It bugs me to see all the questions on Yahoo Answers about "what does this speech from Shakespeare (or just about any other playwright's works) mean?" If they knew the language, they could most likely figure it out using such things as vocabulary, sentence constuction, and reading the whole play as tools. No training I ever got helped me more in acting than that which I got in using English properly. Not only is knowledge of English going to help them in acting, but how on earth do they think they are going to get any one to read a resume full of errors, if the recipient of same even looks at it after getting a cover letter full of gangsta gibberish. I think it bespeaks of another theory of mine which is that many people think they want to be actors because they are too dumb to get any other kind of employment. But acting takes smarts. Lots of smarts. The more intelligent the actor, the more efffective he or she is likely to be. Makes sense doesn't it? Acting is communication. So learn to communicate, people, and then think about being an actor.

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