Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Doc, write a book on acting.

I have had a few requests to write a book detailing my Tao approach to acting, but I do not feel it necessary to do that. I don't have enough to say about The Tao acting process to fill a book since I don't believe in exercises, analyses, and all that sort of nonsense. I have discussed The Tao appoach in the previous entry to this blog and in my article The Tao and the Art of Acting on my website. The sources I used to reach this approach (besides 50 years of teaching acting) are the recommended books on my website. Erik Morrris (No Acting, Please), Tony Barr (Acting for the Camera), and Harold Guskin (How to Stop Acting) have already written books about The Tao approach to acting, even if they did not know it. I an pleased to report that there is a new studio in LA, The Clay Banks Film Acting Studio, that advertises they are "a non-acting studio." It is a great pleasure to watch this newest approach to acting spreading and catching on. And I really don't think there is a book in me about Tao Acting. Like the process itself, it is so simple, that a few paragraphs are all that is necessary to understand it.

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