Saturday, April 17, 2010

Casting Web Sites, are they any good?

For the beginner who is looking for a quick way to become a movie or tv actor, casting sites on the web are pretty much worthless and will just cost you money. First of all there is no short cut to becoming an actor. Teens who suddenly think it would be great to be on TV or in the movies, but who have no background in acting are not going to become actors via some web site. The web sites promise you auditions, but if you don't live where the audition is being held, there is no point in knowing about it because it is too much of a financial cost to go hundreds of miles to an audition for a part you most likely will not get. These web sites are businesses which make money by promising over eager teens and adults for that matter that they will become stars because of the auditions they offer. LIARS! They just want your money. They have no interest in you and could care less if you are a success,except it would look good in their promotions. They always have a list of people who got jobs or who say how wonderful the site is. But have you ever heard of any of these people? NO. And some of them are just thrilled because they are wasting their money and time sending their photos and resumes to auditions that they will never be asked to attend or they would be unable to attend if they were asked. No, the auditions never pay your way. My advice for all aspiring actors is to stay off the web until they are somewhat established as professionals and then only use the websites that professional actors use.

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  1. That Is true.. First prove yourself , people around you and once they appreciate , we ourselves will get to step fore and get dream job but first prove at your level..

    Well written