Friday, April 2, 2010

How do I get started as an actor?

Everyday, I see this question on the forums I participate in as an answerer. It needs readdressing for I know I have done so before. If you want to be an actor, why aren't you acting? Does no one have a brain? Think about it. How do you expect to be a professional actor if you have not been an outstanding amateur actor? No one is going to magically make you an actor. It is not a government entitlement program. You have to go out and do it, except if you are under 18, the only thing you can actually do is to be in the school plays because your parents have to make professional careers for minors who are barred from signing contracts by law. Usuallly, I find that when someone is asking how to do something rather than doing it, there is little chance that the person will be successful in doing what they are asking about. You see, one of the personality traits that successful actors must have is an unflagging drive to succeed that keeps them driving toward their goal. Nothing daunts them, nothing discourages them. They just keep at it. Want to get started being an actor? GO ACT!

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  1. This is a new "teen-actors-fever".
    This fever is probably born thanks to Disney Channel's Hanna Montana, High School Musical, School rock and so on; all films and Tv series where a group of teenagers that have nevere done any artistic activity suddenly succeed, becames actors or singers, becames the idols of the school, becames the idols of the other sex and they are incredibly good in their new skill! The idea of sacrifice is absent.
    The concept that everyone has an inner talent is good, but this kind of industry need to made a brainwash to easily sell their products.

    Fabio Slemer