Saturday, April 10, 2010

A plan to become an actor

If you are interested in acting but not the rest of theatre production, then if you do go to college, pick one where you can participate in the plays without being a theatre student. (See Ch. 8 of my book, The Tao of Acting.) Going to professional acting studios while in college, sort of negates the time in college. You have to determine why you are going to college. I recommend it for those who need maturity and/or experience acting. Your plan should begin with earning money for your theatre expenses, then building your resume with acting experience and some classes at a pro studio, then seeking an agent. You will need business cards and post cards for networking at the very outset. Kind of complicated and very difficult to make a plan, but here's an attempt. Step one get your tools together, cards, head shot, resume, step two get a job, step three start auditioning for plays and films and start networking, step three, after there is some success with step two, take a class at a professional studio and keep networking, Step four keep auditioning and building your resume and start seeking representation by an agent. Step five keep doing all of the above.. See Tao and Having a Career in Acting on my web site.

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