Sunday, January 31, 2010

All my life I have wanted to be an actress....

I say 'actress' in the title because most of the letters I get like this come from preteen girls for whom 'acting is my life.' Astonishingly, most of these preteens have never done much, if any, acting. A great many of them are simply ga-ga over the Twilight series and want to be vampires or something to that effect. They have been seduced by the illusion of the movie screen and do not realize that what they are seening is a collage of tehnilogical marvels but that the actors really are not doing and experiencing all the things they seem to be experiencing. Acting is rather a boring job. The actors sit around for hours waiting for the crew to make the set ready for them. Then they go and do a few lines before the camera, and then they go and wait again. It is not glamerous or exciting as it looks. Most of it is humdrum, every day pedestrian work. To all you preteens: forget about acting except in the school plays. When you are a junion in high school and if you still think you may want to be an actress, then access this site and this blog and learn how to go about it.

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