Saturday, December 5, 2009


I'm not going to repeat all the info about headshots here but another misunderstanding of the inexpereinced beginner is that they think if they have a head shot they can get professional work. Nay, nay. This is but another urban legend about acting. An actor needs a head shot. A kid dreaming about being an actor but not really pursuing a career (that is, his or her parents are not active pursuing a career for him or her) needs experience in school and community plays not a headshot. Then people always want to know how much they cost and where is a good, cheap photographer. The first thing to consider is that acting is a business and if you are not ready to invest a few thousand in getting prepared to compete, you probably are not going to compete very long. The second thing to consider is that until you are ready to really invest in your acting, you don't need to spend a lot of money on headshots. A beginners headshot can be home made, if care is taken to make it look as good as possible. I have guidelines for headshots, professional or home made at Finally, consider that once you are signed by an agent he is going to want you to get new headshots. Also you are going to have to have new headshots done every couple of years so they look like you. It is not something to go cheap on.


  1. Great info. Where would be the best place in the Springs to get professional headshots?

  2. I completely agree. But whats weird is, that my old agent wanted me to get Headshots done like, every 2 months, cause "My hair changes too much" (which costs $500.00 per photoshoot) in a grungy parking lot, with a bunch of cars in view. (I only did this photoshoot once, thank god the money check didn't go through) and I said 'Sayonara' because in every picture you could spot a car/garbage can/or someone working on the lawn. Definitely not a great experience.


  3. This is awesome information thank you! However, my teeth have been stained from years of drinking black tea and I'm only 15. Should I get my teeth whitened before I get a really good headshot done? Should I smile with my teeth or a closed mouth smile? Thanks for the help :)