Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I often see questions about stagefright and here's my take on that. It is natural to be a bit nervous because you want to do well, but it is not natural to be so frightened that you cannot perform. An actor enjoys performing, looks forward to it and jumps at any chance he has to do it. He or she usually does this performing without being nervous about it. Although Geraldine Page, a noted actress of the past century, was said to be so nervous before each performance that she vomited. I still have to say that freedom from stagefright is part of someone's inborn talent. Yes, I have been in situations that my stagefright affected my performance, therefore in spite of my being a very good actor, I do not have the inborn talent to be really successful as an actor. What I am missing is the personality to put myself forwand and to always be composed in every performance situation. I never experienced stagefright in any of the professional work that I did. My most noteable experiences with stagefright were in class finals or in auditions in which I was asked to do something without a script. I still do not like improvisation and do not recommend it as acting training. Experience has pretty much cured me of any stagefright regarding acting, and experience will end many people's stagefight. Sound preparation also combats fear. In severe cases, I have recommended hypotism, but most everyone who has severe stagefright will not be successful at acting.

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