Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I want to be an actor but.....

Listen up. Professional acting is tough. Tougher than you can even imagine. So anyone who has any excuse for not being able to pursue it should forget it. You just can't be a professional actor if you can think of any reason why you shouldn't be one. You have to have great self confidence, not ego, but assuredness that you can do it. You can't be shy. Actors have to be dynamic and charming, not shy and unsure of themselves. You can't be too poor. Acting is a business and takes financial investment. So go earn some money. You can't be disliked by your school play director. If you have messed up that relationship,you are a big time loser! It is very important that an actor make no enemies, ever, anywhere. It only takes one enemy passing on bad reports about you as an actor to tank the whole operation. You have to care whether people like you. You have to be liked to be successful. What actors do you admire and look forward to seeing again? Why do you admire them and want to see their work? BECAUSE YOU LIKE THEM. Which actors do you think are no talents? Why do you think that? Because you don't like them.
Professional acting is very very very tough. It demands a great personality and a great talent. You want to act? Then act. Find a way to do it. You are not going to succeed at it is you give yourself any excuse not to succeed at it.

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