Friday, December 18, 2009

Where can I find auditions?

Here is another overly common question. Lately the auditions being sought are for the Twilight series of films or for Disney. First of all everyone needs to know that they are not going to be cast in a major film or TV show without vast experience and training. Then they need to know that there is hardly any work for anyone under 18. Producers do not like working with minors as they can ony work half a day compared to adults,so they often cast youthful looking adults to play teens. Then everyone needs to know that you have to live near where the auditions are being held. You are more likely to win the Powerball lottery than to be selected bcause of your head shot and resume by some casting director to be in their film. It just does not happen. And suppose you live in Indiana and the auditions are in LA or Oregon. How do you think you are going to get there? In these hard economic times, do you really think one of your parents is going to drop everything and take you to the auditions, and then the call backs and then the shoot, if it came to that? NO WAY. I actually have had more than one starry-eyed young girl tell me that her parents would move to LA if she got a role. Yeah, right! They probably told her that to shut her up about it because they knew full well it would never happen. Let's stay firmly grounded ont he matter of becoming a professional actor. Read the rest of the posts in this blog. It just does not happen to enough people who try to make it a probable outcome.
God bless, Doc
PS Those Disney and Nick audtions you hear being advertised on the radio are bogus come-ons by swindlers after your money. Just like the casting web sites. Stay away from those.

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