Thursday, September 24, 2009

Debating my stance on acting careers.

Well, it has come down to this. Do I continue to be mostly encouraging and posititve about people who want to become actors or do I take a tougher stance on the reality of the situation side, that most of them are never going to do anything? There is nothing dishonest about encouraging people with strong motivation and talent to go ahead a give it a try, but the reality of it all keeps popping up and saying to me, "There just are not any jobs for these people. They are not qualified nor are they likely to become qualified." A former actor of many years asked me yesterday to help him get started as an acing teacher. Now there is another dilemma. Do we really need more acting teachers encouraging young not quite good enough aspiring actors to continue on with it? Of course we don't. That is the problem.
Actors cannot earn a living at acting, so they become teachers who teach people to become actors who cannot earn a living so they become teachers who teach people to become actor who cannot.....And on and on ad nauseum. What shall I do? I always felt that since I got into professional acting rather easily, that others, equally well qualified, could do it as well. But can they really? IT makes sense to me that most professionals are never going to earn a living at acting, but they may make a few dollars now and again. Does that make it worth while to pursue? What is the necessary ingredient, the persoality trait, the psychological that would make someone devote his or her live to a part-time professional endeavor? There must be a middle gound where I stand, between those who say it is hopeless and those who say it is well worth it. Is it an ego trip? I am thinking of revising my book to include the reality of ever "making it" being mostly a matter of luck for a miniscule percentage of those who try.


  1. Hey TheaterDoc, have you heard of galleries posted on talent agency sites? Where the client can browse/search/filter what they're looking for in models/actors?

    My agency says if we want our pictures in the gallery, it'd be $75.00/year and adult is 94/year. This is not required but an option...we will still get emailed auditions but they claim that we increase our chances this way.

    Is it worth it?

  2. Sorry I found this comment so long after it was posted. I'd like to know the name of your agency and where it is located? How many auditions have they got you? How many gigs have your nailed? I know this is being done, but I think it still is not the way to go. Why shoulc casting directors waste their time on the web, when they can just contact a talent agent to send them people to audition? I would only do it if money meant nothing to me.