Thursday, September 17, 2009

No magic way to success

Lately I have been getting email from young people wanting to be actors who beg me to help them to fame and fortune. Unfortunaely, I cannot do that. I can only give them advice about acting as a career. There is not quick, magic way to suddenly be the next Miley Cyrus. I read a treatise on acting as a career lately that opined that the one thing that made an acting career happen was LUCK! And I have to agree that luck is a big big factor. There are so many aspiring actors and acresses and so few parts that it is only by being the best prepared, most talented and right type for the part that anyone ever gets a role. The first roles that most actors and actresses get are very very small and they often go unnoticed in the industry and often do not even get a screen credit. It takes years of experience and training to get that far and it take more years, maybe a lifetime, to get better roles and screen credits. The lucky few will become known actors. It is the most difficult way in the world to try to earn a living.

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