Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sadly, the real world is different

Among acting aspirants there are the realists and the dreamers. The realists understand at least a little about he realities of becoming an actor. That it takes extraordinary ability, lots of acting experience and some training and business know how and as a recent writer from the UK said "It all boils down to luck." Being the right person (that you are born as and have nurtured with experience and training) in the right place (perhaps through your networking) at the right time ( just as they are looking for someone just like you). The dreamers think that all they have to do is get that one audition, or send in their photo to that magic web site, or be discovered as they shine in the chorus of their school musical. They usually have little or no experience, have no concept of what being an actor would be like, often refuse to accept what it takes to become an actor or actress and prefer to go on with their fantasy rather than to take action to join the realists. I think they are mostly afraid of the truth, and that is that they have no acting talent. Information is the most important asset of anyone who seeks to be anything.

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