Sunday, September 27, 2009

I know.....

This is a phrase I see a lot in my email and on Yahoo Answers, 'I know..." . Usually the people writing this phrase have no idea what they are talking about and do not know. For instance, "I have never been in a play, but I know I am very talented." Yeah, right! Or, "I want to be an actress, and I know I need a talent agent." Well, if it comes to that. But first be an actress. Talent agents do not want inexperienced wannbes. They want actresses and actors who have evidence of their talent (a resume), and who they can make money from by representing them. Talent agemts do not make actors out of non-actors, nor do acting schools or colleges make actors out of non-actors. And to return to the first example, one that all too frequently is expressed by the hopeful youngster, upon what evidence do these dreamers base their conclusion. "I fool people all the time," or "I act all the time at home." I'd say that they probably are fooling themselves and have no idea what acting is really all about. It is too bad that we cannot have a disclaimer on all the Disney shows, "Do not try this at home, these are trained professionals under the guidance of experienced directors." Ah well, the consolation is that it is most likely that non of these people will ever become actors. The pity is that they might just try.

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