Sunday, September 13, 2009

How do I be more believable?

This seems to be what a number of aspiring actors have been concerned about lately. Believability comes through two things. First when the audience looks at you, they see the character. Thus you have to assume the proper physicality for the character via posture, walk, gesture, mannerisims, and so on. This I call "establishing the vessel to hold the character". Sometimes you need do nothing but be yourself with the proper anount of energy to be interesting. Second, believability comes via doing what the character does with purpose, as a reaction to what is occuring around him or her. That means speaking the lines as an honest emotional response so they sound like you mean what you are saying and by doing the action the lines reperesent as well. Avoid pretense and artificiality. Do not act, but react. That will make you more believable.

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