Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What's the real deal?

Professional acting has about as many myths as ancient Greece. Today I got the "How can I get an agent or a SAG job when you have to be SAG to get an agent and you have to have an agent to get a SAG job?" Ok. This is all myth. You do not need to be a SAG member to get an agent. And it is possible, though not probable, that you could get a SAG job without an agent. If you work extra in three SAG films and get the vouchers, you can qualify for SAG. The other way to qualify for SAG is to have a speaking role, even one word, in a SAG film. It is important to get the facts and not listen to "they". You know "They say" and "they said". Get the facts about things. There are a few of us around who will help. But be careful.

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