Saturday, January 2, 2010

Talent and Toughness

More from my former student in NYC: "Actors, as you have said, are born and not made. An aspiring actor should honestly evaluate the feedback he receives, or does not receive, as he performs. This is the feedback that he receives from the very first play he was seen in --the very first class that he ever took." {Everything he has done} "before he ever takes that first step toward New York or Los Angeles. Are you outstanding or considered outstanding as a performer NOW? Have you ever received a standing ovation? Do people laugh along with your performances? Do people want to cast you? Do other actors and student directors approach you and ask you to work with them? Does this happen consistently and despite the fact that you are still lacking in professional training and experience? How do you feel about it" {the feed back and your talent}? "When broaching the subject of your potential as a professional, do others encourage you? Maybe not all others, particularly parents, but at least some others. What does your mentor say? I say if you cannot answer many or most of the questions above in the affirmative, it might be time to reconsider your vocation. Do not come here with no more than stars in your eyes. This is what the predators in this business want you to do, so they can tell you what you want to hear(which is not true), and then sell you expensive photographs, and classes -- and leaving you with nothing but being broke. In the more egregious instances, you may be sexually assulted or harassed. BEFORE YOU COME HERE, BE SURE THAT WHAT YOU ARE BRINGING WITH YOU IS A VERY STRONG TALENT AND A VERY STRONG BACKBONE. And even at this, it may take you twenty years to get up in the lights. The big lights, I mean"

You can see how adamant he is about being prepared before you go to NYC or LA, that you have outstanding talent and that you have the determination to stick with it for your lifetime. Just how hard all that is he writes about in another email to me which I will post tomorrow.

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