Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dealing with agents

Some of my advisees have been asking me to outline how to get an agent, and others are asking how to change agents. A bit of this may be redundant,but here goes.

To get an agent. 1. There has to be a talent agent whose office is within an hour or two's drive from your home. 2. You need to have a resume that shows that you have extraordinary ability, a head shot and a cover letter. 3. By going to the agent's web site or calling their office (make sure you don't call if they have a different preferred method of contact) and learn how to submit for representation. 4. Wait. If they do not contact you withing a month, they are not intereseted. 5. If you get an interview, study Chapter Seven of my book, The Tao of Acting, so you are properly prepared.

To keep an agent. 1. Read your contract. 2. Obey the rules they have. 3. If they get you an interview or audition, go! 4. If you get a job, be punctual, and pay attention to the qualities of professional behaviour. Be a positive representative of your agency.

To change an agent. 1. Read your contract. The procedure to break your contract will be spelled out. 2. If your agent does not have exclusive representation rights, you can have more than one agent..3. It is all right to submit to other agents while you are undercontract to a current agent, and you can go and interview. It is usually not a good idea to mention your current agent to the new agent. 4. If you decide you want to change, follow the procedure to break your current contract before you sign with the new agent.

How do you know you should change agents? If your agent has not got you an audition or job for more than six months, and you know there are jobs for your type, you could consider changing. If you have been doing only one specific area of work (dancing, commercials, background, etc) and you want to expand into other areas of work, you need to change agents or add an agent (assuming you are not under an exclusive contract) who can get you work in the new area.

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