Thursday, January 7, 2010

Is this website legit?

Another common question is about the validity of websites, mostly for casting. Some go so far as to claim their site will provide you with auditions for major films and TV show and even claim they will make you a star. They know that even if people know that "if it sounds too good to be true, it is," that they will ignore that advice when offerred what they really want. Unfortunately, what most aspiring actor want is instant stardom. More unfortunately, it never happens that way. My fingers are tired from typing "it takes years to become a professional acting." But most of the teens I correspond with don't want to wait, ignore all advice to STAY OFF THE WEB, and keep looking for the magic website that will catapult them to Hollywood. These are the teens who will never make it. Who will eventually give up and become accountants and secretaries. It would be a lot better for the acting profession if they gave up now and stopped throwing away their money on websites that will do them no good. This blog has set forth the truth about professional acting and what someone needs to do to become an actor. But teen fantasies are strong and teens hate to be told they are wrong or what to do. So I guess we are stuck with a glut of unprepared, undertalented, ignorant wannbe actors. No one said life was easy.

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  1. I think most teens see celebrities on TV and think they just hit instant stardom and they want that. And they don’t want to see that the internet isn't that reliable when starting a career in this business. What would you suggest as the first thing to do to get your name out there?