Saturday, January 9, 2010

How can I get discovered?

This is another common misconception of young people wanting to be actors. People are not discovered any more. The talent scout went out with the studios last century. The only 'talent scouts' out there are usually working for some scam or other, so be careful. It does happen that someone in the business will see an unknown actor or actress perform and be so impressed that they help them get their careers going. That is a kind of discovery, but it only comes after the actor or actress has done the basic work needed to succeed. They have tons of acting experience and some good training and may or maynot have an agent. But they are getting work in amateur and semipro productions and pehaps occassionally in professional productions. And that takes considerable effort and investment of time and money for all the tools one needs. The point of all this is that the aspiring actor or actress cannot just sit there and wait to be discovered. In the business today, the beginner has to claw their way into the profession. It is a process that could take many years, so the aspirant has to love the climb.

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  1. I get your point of view of being prepared and not just hoping someone will find you, but what do you think is the best way to start for someone who cant put thousands of dollars in for acting lesson and things of that nature?