Monday, October 26, 2009

Adult Aspiriants with no Experience

Actually, there is a different approach to becoming a professional actor if one happens to be 18 or older without any acting experience. Of course the best thing is for that person to get some acting expereince in community theatre or by going to community college and participating in the plays there. It is not necessary to major in theater, just choose a school that will let you tryout for the plays even if you are not a theater student. You can major in food serivce or accounting or public realations, something that will get you employed when you finish school and want to pursue acting. The principles for becoming an actor remain the same at any age: 1.get business cards and post cards and network all the time, 2 build a great resume, 3. take a couple of clases, 4. get great head shots, 5, try to get an agent while continuing to network and to build your resume via community theatre, indie films, extra work, etc. Remember, it is not who you know , but who knows you that counts. Do everything you can to become recogniszed as a member of the acting community where you live, and by networking become recognized as a terrific member of the acting community where you live. Use a mentor. I am available an at your serivce at

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