Sunday, October 18, 2009

Look before you leap

If you want to become a film actor, you go to LA, right? Not necessarily. LA is wall to wall unemployed actors, and right now (Oct 09) the rest of LA is mostly unemployed as well. Yeah, they are still making movies, but not necessarily in LA. There are films being made all over the place, with the US Southeast being one of the most popular places, along with Texas (because the economy is not too bad there), and Vancouver and on and on. I think it is much better to become established as an actor somewhere other than LA and not to go there until you are signed to do work there. LA is also the most difficult place to get an agent. A big city such as Dallas or Atlanta is probably a good choice, because there will be lots of stage opportunity there as well as film production. Other problems with LA are the cost of living (which I heard about a year ago was five thousand dollars a month), and the enormous distances to places. You cannot go without a place to live and a job. So think about it. Look before you leap. Remember the song,"Do You Know the Way to San Jose?" which talks about all the would be stars are parking cars?!!
Don't get in a hurry, acting is a lifetime endeavor.

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