Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I am begining to think they really do not want to be actors

There are so many who say they want to be actors and most have wanted to "all my life" (average 8 years). A good half have never done any acting at all. Many only want to be film actors and don't want to do theatre. None of them know what to do about it. Oh, they have picked up the wrong ideas from somewhere, but they really don't know how to go about it.

It seems to me if someone really wants to be an actor, that they would have been and would be acting--somewhere. In school, church or the community. And a few, to their credit are doing that. But except for having heard that acting is hard to get into, they have no idea of what the business of acting is or how professional acting is different from amateur acting.

I think most are like I was, they want to get into acting because it doesn't seem to involve any hard labor. And for the most part they are right. I am living proof that a complete sloth can become a professinal actor. Oh, I have done a few hours of manual labor in my lifetime, but I was always the weakling and inept when it came to physical things. But film and tv actors don't seem, for the most part and excepting action films for which they use doubles unless the principle actor insists on doing his own stunts. to do anything much physically. That's pretty cool considereing what film acting wages are rumored to be.

But film and tv acting is not what we see on the screen. What we see is illusion. Optical tricks created by editing and special effects, lighting and music. Somewhere back a few posts, I go into more detail on this, but here my point is that about 90 percent or more of the people who think they would like to be actors, would not really like it, even if they were suited for it, which 90 percent of them are not. It is just too hard to get a job and too boring to put up with.

I advise many of them to become accountants where they can really make some money without physical exertion.

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