Thursday, October 15, 2009

Should an aspiring actor do extra work?

Now here's a topic that there is a difference of opinion about. Some say that someone wanting to be an actor should never do extra work because they don't want to get known as an extra player. I disagree and think it can be very advantageous to be an extra. First of all, it familiarizes you with the film making process. Three or four extra jobs can beef up a resume. I know of two people that got their first extra jobs bumped up to day player and qualified for SAG. And I heard of another who went from extra on a soap to a recurring role. Nowadays a person can qualify for SAG by doing three extra jobs on SAG films and collecting the vouchers that they did the jobs. Extra work pays pretty well these days, about ten times what it paid when I started professional acting thirty years ago. $150 a day is not too shabby. Barely living wages, but not bad. So let's not be snobbish about being an extra. Subscribe to Something may turn up nearby that you can be an extra in.
Extra work pays well in Canada, too. You can earn ACTRA membership if you collect 24 vouchers for being an extra on ACTRA films and commercials in one calendar year. ACTRA extras are paid far more than non union extras.

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  1. Hey there Doc! I appreciate your great info. I agree 100% with everything you say. I'm in the biz. sound mixer for commercials.

    I'm interested in that link above, but it doesn't work! Thanks!