Thursday, October 15, 2009

How not to succeed as an actor

This will be brief, but I had an experience with a couple of people today asking for help with monologues. If you have read this blog, you know how I feel about that. But I try to be helpful.
First of all most people wanting help with monologues or auditions never give enough information. They should always include what the audition is for (specifics, name of agency or show and producer, etc.). It could be my uncle Fred or it could be a terrible scam. They should always include their vitals, age, height, weight, eye color, hair color.
Today a young 'lady' asked for such help. Didn't include anything but female, and age. I asked for the other info and she gave me part of it. I informed her she was not thorough following instructions but went ahead and gave her great advice. She answered haughtily that she always followed instructions well, but forgot the item I mentioned. I told her why I wanted it. She replied more haughtily that there was no reason for my concern. I know a couple of things about her from her correspondence. I know she is not going to be an actress, because she has a bad attitude, for example. Now a younger fellow asked me for the same help, gave me everything I needed but I didn't check his name for gender, so he had to correct me, but he did so off hand and with out attitude, so I know something about him as well. He has a better chance of success than the other person. This is the kind of stuff that I have to put up with. LOL>

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  1. i definitely agree with you here when you say that attitude is everything. If you don't have good attitude and the confidence and management to listen and know that others know more sometimes, you're never going to get anywhere. The woman who was snippy needs to learn a lot before she acts and she must have had a lot of nerve.Maybe she should go into PR. :)