Saturday, October 24, 2009

No easy way. You have to work years for it.

I suppose it is inevitable that youngsters in their preteens and teens and even a few adults will always think there is a quick and easy way to become a professional actor. "All I need is an agent." Well, no. You need superior talent, personality and looks-if not beautiful, then interesting. "Where's a good web site for casting?" They are all schemes to get your money. Until you are well expereinced and mature enough to choose the right ones, stay off the web. No preteen or teen is going to become a professional unless their parents make it happen for them. "Where are auditions in Podunk, Arkansas?" There are none. If you are going to be an actor you are going to have to live where theatre and film is produced. That means in or near a large city. Sorry, if you live in the boonies with no way of getting to the city to take advatage of things, you are screwed. Maybe you can go to the state college and major in theatre. Neither is an inexperienced adult is going to become a professional until he or she has paid the dues of performing in many amateur theatre productions, taken a professional class and worked the years needed to build a strong resume, and they need interesting looks, superior ability and personality as well. Our 'me' generation which expects everything handed to them just for the asking is going to run into a brick wall of reality when they try to become actors without puting in the time and effort needed. Slow down, take it easy. Make sure you are an actor before trying to become a professional one.

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