Friday, March 26, 2010

Acting schools, classes and being an actor.

I have got a lot of questions about which acting school to go to, or if the asker will be able to be an instant star like Robert Pattison if he goes to drama school, etc. , etc. Although I am quite sure that I have said this many times before, actors are born, not made. You cannot be taught to be talented. Acting schools are businesses. The older, more established ones are also bureaucracies. They are much more interested in your money than in your future. Why is it, do you suppose, that thousands of aspiring actors go to acting schools? Why do they think they need to go to acting schools? Could it be that the acting schools are advertising that they made actors talented? Why else would they claim they are responsible for the careers of several well-known stars? I believe the stars would be stars regardless of where they went to school. We all know of stars who did not go to acting school. That is because going to acting school is not required to be a star. Only talent, extraordinary in born, natural talent, having a saleable look and the right personality are required. Then a bit of luck wouldn't hurt. My advice is always for an aspiring actor to make sure he or she has talent before they spend money on acting classes or acting school. I also recommend carefully chosen classes over a full course or curriculum at an acting school. And be careful, there are "acting schools" out there that are over priced and poorly thought of. Make sure you do not waste your money on such places.

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