Friday, March 19, 2010

You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours

I have been in the 'business' of advising aspiring actors on how to have a career for several years now, and if there is any one thing that irritates me more than any other it is when I ask some one who has contacted me for information for clarification and they do not provide it. I actuall was contacted today by a young man wanting me to pick a monologue for him. He had read my blog, he claimed; but apparently not the post on monologues, for in it I tell people not to make demands about what sort of monologue and give advice on how to find one. In my book I also tell people how to choose the best monologues. I'm not sure if he had told me he read that as well, but most people who behave as he does do say that. Anyway he said he had been in many plays and wanted a one minute monologue. I had to guess his sex from his email moniker, but there was no other info about him. I told him I needed to know what roles in what plays, where he was and what he looked like to try to pick him a speech. He wrote back that he was in Southern Cal. I wrote back that I needed him to answer my other questions. He wrote back that he had had two leads and some smaller roles. That is not the answer to what roles in what plays have you done. He also asked me more questions about doing monologues. At this point I was through. I wrote back that if he was not going to answer my questions, I was not going to answer his questions. I predict that he will never do any professional acting since he is poor at commnication and cooperation. Look, people. You want to be actors? Then learn to communicate, learn to cooperate. Learn all the lessons I offer in my book and in my blog. You might stand half a chance.

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