Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A sound decision

This is a negative-sounding post, but I must say these things to bring the truth to light and get rid of the dead wood so there is a place in the acting world for those who are properly suited to it by innate abilities and experience. It is my life's work to help people become actors, but they must have those innate abilities and the experience or the means to get the experience. The most common situation I am running into these days, at least these most recent days, is people with little or no acting experience wanting to be actors. Anyone who has been reading this blog or my Yahoo Answers answers knows that I believe that acting experience is what is necessary for someone to become an actor. By acting experience, I mean being in lots of school and community plays. I recommend everyone who wants to be an actor to read this blog back to its beginning, because I believe there is a lot of information in several of the posts about what it is like to be a professional actor. It is nothing like the school play nor what you see on TV and the cinema screen. I try not to be negative, but to just try to get people to face the facts before they become another valet parking attendent in LA. Today, I think one young man made a sound decision as, after he read my blog, he realized he was not professional acting material and decided to go to college and have a regular career, as he put it. I applaud his decision. Perhaos the main thing that is wrong with the acting industry is that there are hundreds of thousands of aspiring actors and less than a thousand jobs and most of them are being filled by current professionals. Colleges and professional academies have to stop lying about training people to become professional actors, There are no jobs for the vast majority of their students. We need more people to make a sound decision and decide not to try to become actors.

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