Monday, March 1, 2010

video auditions

Having to create a video audition is something every aspiring actor will have to face sometime or other. Since I have seen a number of these things, let me point out the common errors and hope that you can avoice them. 1. Do the taping in a suitable space. Usually your living room or bedroom are far from suitable. Outdoors is usually a bad choice. You need to get thee to a rehearsal hall or theatre or video studio and do it right. 2. Make sure the lighting is good. An audition by a zombie from "Night of the Living Dead" with those dark circles for eyes just won't do. 3. It would be nice to have you as attractive as possible without being dressed and made up for a glamour model shot. In other words, have nice hair and an attractive outfit, women do a nice everyday makeup, etc. 4. SMILE. A light, energetic audition is much better than something morbidly heavy. And enjoy doing the performance. 5. Sparkle, shine and love the whole opportunity to perform for the camera. I also discuss how to do these auditions in my book, The Tao of Acting as well. Add those techinques to these for a better audition.

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