Monday, March 8, 2010

I will become an actor when I lose weight.

Yeah. Well. I am very overweight and I know how hard it is to loose weight. But no one in the business of acting is going to put any stock in your promise that you will be forty pound lighter on opening night. Let's face it. If we are fat, we are fat. Better learn to love ourselves this way and go for what we can get now. One actor actually told me he was going to give acting a try after he lost weight. I said to him, that he would never give acting a try. I have not heard from him since. People don't usually like the truth. But we have a good truth right now. And that is that being fat is in. The popularity of "Precious" and "Drop Dead Diva" have done this for us. So take my advice. Accept yourself for who who are. Submit for the fat roles and by golly you may become an actor yet. BTW, if you happen to lose weight over the next year, then you can love the new and improved you and start marketing that actor. There are roles for all sizes, shapes and colors. If you don't make it, it won't be because you are the wrong size, shape or color. It will be because you are not good enought.

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