Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I want to be famous

Dasia just wrote and asked me what the steps are to becoming a famous actress on Disney or Nick, and she opined that I must get this question a lot. This was my answer: "Yes,indeed, it is the most often asked question I get, especially around Academy Award time. Let me just give you some reality checks on your dream. 1. Fame is a by product, not a goal. So don't try for fame, try for excellence. 2. No school at any level will get you anywhere, only you can get you anywhere by being extraordinary. But do go to a perf arts HS. 3. The Academy Awards is just advertising for movies. That sort of glamour has nothing to do with an actor's everyday life. What you see on the screen at the cinema or on TV is illusion and is not what an actor does at work. Mostly the work is boring.4. You are not going to be on Disney or Nick if you do not live where the shows are produced,mostly LA, and unless your parents are working hard to make you a teen actor. What you need to do is to be in every show you can. Keep improving. You sound as though you are doing all the right things. But there is no one way to become a professional actor. It varies by each person and their particular situation. Best wishes and God bless, Doc"

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