Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Uncertainty, wondering, waiting and boredom

What's an actor to do? You are between gigs, your agent has said she's putting you up for a part. It had been two weeks or more since you have had a booking and you are bored, worried and wondering what is going to happen to your career. What to do? Get busy and find a class or an audition and make things happen on your own. Send reminder postcards to the directors you have worked with as I have taught you to do. Your agent cannot be expected to get you all your gigs, you have to get many on your own usind networking and searching the proper websites for work. When things are really slow, I always recommend getting together with other actors and producing your own show. (See Ch 9 of The Tao of Acting), What you must not do, is sit around wondering what, if anything is ever going to happen. You have to go out and make something happen. You have to keep working on the career. Every day you don't make an effort to network or find a class or find work is a day toward failing. Git 'er done!

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